Lucky for Some

Day 10 snowboarding at Glencoe

Things were starting to look desperate on the mountain regarding snow cover. I had friends visiting with their kids and some had very little experience on snow. The Plateau was bereft of anything that could be called a beginners area, so I had my concerns.

Thin snow cover at Glencoe Mountain Resort
Thin pickings at Glencoe for middle of February

There was a small off-camber strip of snow on Old Mugs Alley, so this is where w hiked to give those that needed it a few turns on snow to get then up to speed. Not ideal, but it’s all we had.

Once we exhausted the possibilities on our strip of snow, I led most of them up the Cliffy and in to Main Basin.

Learning to snowboard
Beginners area was pretty limited

Luckily everyone coped well with the top t-bar no problem and by the afternoon, the whole group was in Main Basin where they could practice much wider turns and get to grips with being on a mountain. Some had only been on indoor slopes previously.

Skiing in the mist at Glencoe Mountain Resort
Into the mist at the summit
Learning to snowboard
First time at the top of a mountain
Skier sitting down in the snow
Taking a rest from it all

Pretty lucky to get day 10 done at Glencoe considering the weather has not been on our side. Snow was old and crunchy with ruts forming, but we got it done.

Taking it all in their stride
Best run of his life! – So far

This is lining up to be one of the worst seasons since I started getting season passes, although it still looks like it’ll pay for itself. There is still time for things to turn around though. We have 2 months left of what would be considered a standard season.

Skiing at Glencoe Mountain Resort
Looking towards the Buachaille
Made the most of the conditions