Boiler Plate

Lockdown Mission No. 7

A sunny morning to start with. Blue skies prevail, but very cold though, with warnings that the hill was boilerplate ice with a few pockets of fresh snow.

blue skies and a snow-covered mountain
Making my way up Mugs Alley
snowy glencoe mountain
Things are looking up, but you can see the boiler-plate hard ice

I snowshoed from the top of Mugs Alley then up underneath the summit ski tow. As I got nearer the summit it’s got greyer and colder.

Mountains covered in snow
It’s starting to look a bit grey
Scottish snow covered mountains
Clach Leathad from the summit

I had a bite to eat before starting down Happy Valley. It was very icy so I moved into main basin where I did find some nice soft snow.

On my way up I spotted a powder stash on the Wall so I continue down, but I went too far. When I realised I missed the top part near the Wall entrance, I took my board off and hiked back up to the top of the wall T-bar. Some nice turns were had before I rested at the Mountain cafe. After more food and drink I decided to walk back down.  I’d had the best of the weather and it wouldn’t get any softer.

View from the Mountain Cafe