Coe Cup

Scottish Freedom Series 2022

Another fine day at Glencoe Mountain Resort. Firm snow up top but bright spells. I watched a bit of Coe Cup action on Rannoch Glades and Thrombosis. The competition is part of the The Scottish Freedom Series and would normally take place on the Flypaper, but conditions on the black run were unfavourable so it was moved to Rannoch Glades and Thrombosis. I thought this offered a better venue than the Flypaper as it allows easier viewing for us punters and more features for the riders to hit.

Rider’s briefing given before the event starts
Some reconnoissance runs
snowboarder jumping off a snow covered cliff
Thrombosis cliffs being dropped
Rannoch Glades and Thrombosis providing an alternative venue for the Coe Cup
snowboarder sliding across grass
The Grass Manual
parapenters circling above Ben Nevis
Circling above Ben Nevis