Coire an Easain

A pre-winter hike up the ski hill Meall à Bhuìridh and across the ridge to Creise and Clach Leathad. Life would change for ever after this walk.

Life changes for ever

Well I’ve not been back out since my last foray to the hills in September. I didn’t know it at the time but as I descended down into Coire an Easain and out of phone signal it would be hours before I hiked out of there, past the little lochan and it’s herd of wary red deer hinds, once I rounded the east ridge of the ski hill I would receive the message that would change life forever. My dad had been taken in to hospital due to an infection. The message from mum told me not to worry, he’d been here before. 

I hiked as fast as I could across the plateau and down the access road to the car. Dad was in hospital for the week that followed and thankfully was home by the next weekend. I had Sunday dinner with him and went for a short stroll with him not far from the house. I left them to return to Glasgow that night. 

The following morning my brother messaged me to tell me dad had to be rushed to hospital once again. 

Days later we got the phone call that no one wants to get. The hospital told us to prepare for the worst. 

The family rallied, but we were unable to visit thanks to ‘you know what’ restrictions. Over the following weeks dad’s condition slowly improved. He fought off a second infection and then a third. We spoke via FaceTime and attempted to keep his spirits up. Obviously, he wanted out of there and to get back home but his condition prevented this. We told him we needed him strong in order to get him home. 

At the beginning of November we got the  call again. This time they told us we should come to the hospital. 

Dad was very weak, but he knew we were with him. 

The following few days, mum, my sister, my brother and myself stayed with dad. Most of the time playing the Rolling Stones who he loves, laughing, crying and reminiscing on family trips. 

We didn’t sleep for days but when we did manage to rest for the first time together in a long time, in the early hours of fifth of November dad left us peacefully. 

We have been completely side-swiped by the dad’s passing but I am so proud to be the son of this humble, caring, beautiful man. Our hearts are breaking, but we’ll remember him with a smile and joy in our hearts. 

Love you always dad ❤️