Luss Hills Snowshoe Hike

With lockdown preventing travel further afield I have been exploring closer to home. I spied the Luss Hills with their covering of snow, while walking up behind Cardross on a Christmas walk with my sister’s family. I used to play in Glen Fruin below these hills as a kid. Cliff jumping and swimming in the pools in summer. Little did I know I’d seek them out as an adult for some winter solace. 

I spied my Glen Fruin goal from Cardross

My snowshoe hike

With beautiful weather I took off straight up the hill on my snow shoes. I’ve always wanted a smock style anorak since first watching the movie Heroes of Telemark. 

Hiking through snow with snowboard on back
Here I am embracing my inner Kirk Douglas

The snowboard turns left little to be desired, but it was a good opportunity to practice with my snowshoes on the slopes of Bein Tharsuinn and Beinn Chaorach. The Views from the summit were breathtaking. I could see south to Cardross where I grew up, east to Loch Lomond and the Ben, north to the Arrochar Alps and far out to the west, the Ailsa Craig sat in the golden glow of the winter sun. Happy Hogmanay everyone, and I don’t need to say it, but let’s hope for a happy new year. By jings we need it!

New routes, new gear all ready to go. Just as soon as we get a clean Bill of health. 

Jacket, pants and gloves were gifted by Columbia for their #WarmSmarter campaign, a great opportunity to try them out too. I love me a smock.

Above Glen Fruin, looking back towards Cardross with the River Clyde and Cardross in sunlight

Looking south up the River Clyde. Ardmore Point jutting out into the river, Cardross lies just beyond. My whole life pretty much unfolded in that small patch. I said goodbye to my dad on the 5th November 2020 and I’ll be thinking of him as we start the new year. We actually laid him to rest just to the left of Ardmore Point in this picture. So he’s got a good view!  Love you always dad x.