Day 38: 2017/18

Glencoe Mountain Resort

This will be a brief one. I’m at day 38 and the terrain is retreating as I type this. The day started grey at Glencoe as I glanced through one open eye across the car park. It looked misty with no sign of the sunny spells implied in the forecast.

clouds above the summit
Clouds skiting across the summit

I didn’t get moving till 9:00, had breakfast and was up the hill by 10:30. No one was in a rush today. I hiked across to the Wall t-bar to get myself to the top. This would be my last ride up the wall as the uptrack would soon be compromised by the rushing water coming off the hill.

Main Basin
Main Basin

Conditions up top

Despite my intention to try Spring Run today, I didn’t bother. I’ll save this for tomorrow when its looking brighter. The clouds today were moving briskly. Blocking the sun initially, but clearing after lunch allowing for fast moving sunny spells to streak across the top of the mountain. The snow was softening and by lunchtime I had replaced my jacket with a hoody. The Spring snow was also making its way into my duct taped boots, luckily it wasn’t cold.

This being the last day for those returning to work, it was busier than the previous day. Still nothing to worry about at the lift lines. It was an easy-going kind of day with everyone in good spirits. The sun helped of course. As the day went on. Main basing started to form lumps and ruts. Happy Valley remained more consistent, although a small river is starting to form just above the narrows.

Happy Valley
A small river is forming in Happy Valley

Ski Tow Gully still provides a nice line that returns to the rescue hut, where, it was only today I noticed the large electrical unit that sits next to the hut. The unit is now free-standing and I realised that earlier in the season I was riding over the top of this. Its top being flush with the snow level at the time.

Earlier in the season I could ride over the top of this electrical unit.

Even when they announce the closure of the Wall T-bar today I was finding it hard to process that winter was indeed over. I’d have to accept the inevitable. It is closing day tomorrow!

Plateau Cafe
The Plateau Cafe
Ski Patrol learn to snowboard
Another convert?

End of the day

Lots of fun on the hill today. Photo session on kickers, slashing slush everywhere and women in empowerment pants, even ski patrol seeing the light and trying snowboarding! I even met a few more people on the lifts that read this little blog. Always good to hear. A real fun day as we wind down.

Rock Garden
What was Rannoch Glades and the Rock Garden

I’ve taken Monday off work and intend to see the season through to its conclusion, despite having wet boots. Roll on tomorrow, it’s been special.

retreating snowline
Trying to accept the inevitable
Mugs Alley
Buachaille Etive Mor
How many times have I photographed this scene?