A wee bit avalanchy

…is how one ski patroller described the Spring Run at Glencoe Mountain Resort.
Day 12 of season 14/15.
The weekend was forecast to have snowy showers barrel in from the north interspersed with sunny spells. Saturday followed this script pretty close. The wind was brisk and before going up the hill I was worried it would put a stop to any uplift. The access chair up the hill was swaying quite a bit. Once on the hill though it was nowhere near as bad. Still blowy, but this just served to distribute the snow, scrubbing tracks to leave a fresh canvas for your next run.
The snow was beautiful, wind packed powder with even coverage and little in the way of ice.
After overhearing a patroller describe the Spring Run “great down the centre but a wee bit avalanchy at the sides” I had to check it out. Sure enough the snow was amazing. The left hand side had deep convex piles of powder in the lee of the rocks. Turning on this steep and deep snow was incredible. Probably my favourite run of the day.
The main basin had churned up powder, with fresh at the edges near the T-bar. Happy Valley was groomed to perfection and a great place to get some carving done.
Second favourite was the Canyon, or at least, the left side. Again this was fresh untouched mostly and steep and provided floaty bouncy turns as well as big grins.
The visibility would come and go but it was easy to sit out the blustery white-outs as they didn’t last long.
This Saturday I think had the best riding of the season so far.

Glencoe ticket office adorned with POW sticker.
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