crown wall of avalanche at Glencoe
Avalanche on Flypaper
 Day 10 of Scottish Season 15/16. The sun was predicted to shine on Tuesday so a holiday request went in and I took the day off work. 

I got a jump on traffic by leaving from Cardross and I was on the slopes by 9:00 in bright sparkling sunshine. 

I’d spoken with Andy at the cafe and he’d suggested I go along to the Spring Run and check out the huge avalanche and the debris that had been released earlier from the Fly Paper, so I made that an early stop. It was indeed impressive and looking at the crown wall where the slope broke showed the depth of snow that had fallen during the windy weekend previous. The debris below ran out for about a kilometre. The Spring Run itself was overloaded with snow and had a big drop off to the right side as you looked down the slope. The winds had stacked the snow up all down the left of the run, left there by the strong westerly winds.  

I went on to have fun around Happy Valley and down the Wall. However some of the best fun was in Main Basin where the wind had left a wind lip or ridge for the length of the run. This was great for practicing front side jumps (I ride goofy) over and over. I had a really full day and rode from opening to closing of the lifts. 

plateau cafe
Grabbing a bite in the Plateau cafe
It was a cold day again but bright for most of the day. The afternoon clouded over slightly but never affected visibility. 

The Wall T-bar occasionally busy again as the Cliffhanger chair is still out of commission although the management were hoping for it to be back up and running for the weekend. 

On another note Glencoe ski school are running a ‘Freeride Clinic’ in the 6th of March. I’m thinking of enrolling to polish my technique. I’ll update this blog to cover what I learned or where I find my technique is lacking.  

Glencoe Mountain Resort
The upper mountain at Glencoe