Looking down the Wall to the newly re-instated Cliffy Chair with Cafe behind

Day 12 of Scottish Season 15/16. Well the pub quiz from last night didn’t go too well. A very mediocre middle of the road placement was the best we could do. Still cant believe I mixed up the Chinese currency Yuan for Japanese Yen!

Anyway, Sunday got off to a cold and clear start. I left a bit later and managed to squeeze into the top car park around 9:30 then grab a roll & sausage for breakfast. It was certainly buzzing and looked busier than yesterday.

Grabbing a bite for breakfast while taking in the view

The good news was that they got the Cliffhanger Chair up and running late on Saturday. This should take some pressure off the Wall T-bar. After taking the afore mentioned lift, I bumped into friends and headed straight up main basin into the sun. The snow was still great and the temperature seemed a bit higher. There wasn’t a breath of wind and just a few whisps of cloud.

I was once again surprised by the distance some people had travelled to come skiing at Glencoe. Many of the folk I chatted to on the lifts had come from the far south, including Brighton! I don’t blame them. Glencoe can’t be beaten on days like these. Sunday did seem to be a favourite day as the lines at the lifts were longer. Including at the re-opened Cliffy.

With just a few icy patches the best of the runs was Happy Valley and the Wall combined. The Spring Run, just being a bit scratchy and icy at the top. It will come into its own once it softens up a bit.

Temperatures were as I mentioned higher and were probably around 0º, but lack of wind meant I was opening my vents when I could.

Sunday rounded off a cracking weekend, and when the final lift closed I had to hit the road for dinner at my sister’s. The less said about the traffic on the A82 the better!

Buachaille Etive Mor and Ben Nevis in one shot – the Entrance to Glencoe itself