Day 18 of Scottish season 15/16. I’d been looking out the office window at work all week. Blue skies prevailed throughout the week, and for once lasted all the way to Saturday. It was Snow Fest day at all Scottish resorts and a glorious day it was too. The sky was completely bluebird and the snow was holding up, although quite a bit had been lost off the actual runs. I spent the morning doing laps, mostly in Main Basin and Happy Valley and by the time I went down for a bite to eat I got talking to Andy about the Mass Descent event they had planned and offered to go get my camera to record the event. My DSLR was down in the car so I took the access chair back down and up again so I could be at the summit by 1:00. A crowd started to form and the theme of the day was tartan, any tartan, although a few brave souls did go for the kilted option, some with bare chests too!  
We set off and I snapped the mad dash as they went past, I scooted ahead to capture them again, getting further shots as we slid down Mugs Alley to the cafe. 
Some of the poor participants (with freshly skinned knees) were also press ganged into a final photo opportunity on the ski-bobs, little sledges, usually for the kids. I got off a few shots which the resort used on the Glencoe Mountain Facebook page header.   It was a fantastic day, with unbeatable weather. 


I’ve taken the following week off work for my winter holiday and plan to frequent Glencoe when the weather allows. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the weather got the memo and looks to be taking a turn for the cloudy. Hopefully this might mean some more snow. Stay posted as I’m hoping to get a lot more from this season.