Day 20 of Scottish season 15/16. Another misty day, but slightly better than yesterday. Drier but still with no visibility at the very top. 
After a few runs on main basin and the wall crossover, which still has great snow. I took things down to Mugs Alley and ‘Old Mugs Alley’ as they call the area next to the new Coire Pollach tow. 
It’s got a decent combination of easy flats and some gradient to practice my switch riding. The good news is I can now complete a full run in switch. That is until I try something steeper. In Happy Valley it was a bit too much and I had to keep reverting to my goofy stance.  

All uplift was running except the Rannoch Button and most runs are open except Etive Glades. Snow at mid mountain gets a bit slushy around lunch time, but this is great for practicing in, if a bit wet. 
And since I mention lunch I just have to tell you my new favourite pie from the Plateau Cafe had to be the chicken curry pie. Initially disappointed at them having run out of macaroni pies, I was seduced by the spicy savoury alternative. Real chunks of chicken and you can even see vegetables in there! Sorry, just had to mention that. 
In the afternoon I did a few more laps of the upper mountain although it was still clagged in. As I made my way down I took the Low Road back to the access chair and did my best series of switch linked turns yet. I think I’ll use this long flat section for most of my switch sessions. 
Apparently the cloud dispersed from the summit after the lifts closed. Typical!
There was none of the forecast snow flurries as it was still relatively warm and it’s now looking like the next few days could be bringing some unsettled weather. Maybe some snow included with the wind!