Day 21 of Scottish season 15/16. Another greybird day. This cloud doesn’t want to shift from the summit of Meall a’ Bhuiridh. It’s my third consecutive day at Glencoe Mountain Resort and the staff are wondering if I have a job to go to. I just tell them ‘some folk go to the Alps but I’ve got Coe!’

Starting off the day again with switch riding. On the flat I’m getting quite comfortable. Not quite as natural but hopefully that will come with time. Another tip I picked up from YouTube was to reach for the nose of your board, in this case I reach for the tail with my leading arm. This helps shift my weight forward (over the tail). Im trying to be more conscious about keeping my chin up and looking where I want to go. 

The weather is a touch colder with a westerly wind starting to pick up. The Plateau area still gets soft but when I went to the top of Main Basin it had frozen and was still boilerplate at noon. However this softened nicely in the lower half of Main Basin and the section through Haggis Trap was lovely and a bit bumpy. 

Writing all these names and terms for locations on the hill has made me think of doing my own version of a piste map. Could be a great wee exercise in infographics.