Day 22 of Scottish season 15/16. Last year’s record has been matched. The weeken didn’t happen. After driving up on Friday in brilliant sunshine, I was told on arrival that the centre want opening due to high winds that were developing. Nothing for it but to drive home again. Saturday didn’t happen as it looked miserable and Sunday I spent at the #behindglasgow16 instameet. However I still had two days left of annual leave and the bank holiday Monday started off in brilliant sunshine and even better with some freshies up high. Etive Glades was back on, with the odd snow-shark hiding underneath to take a bite out of your board. 

After a morning racking out as much fresh as I could I met Gareth and his family at lunchtime at the Plataeu poma. I spent a bit more of the afternoon cruising around with them, occasionally practicing my switch riding again. The temperature was warm, but it soon cooled down as the cloud built up through the afternoon. By the end of the day it looked like winter was on its way once again. 

Easter Monday was a success, at least until I joined the queue of traffic heading south and and almost 3 hour journey back home that should have taken less than 2!

Never mind, I have taken Tuesday off and plan to head back up for yet another day.