Day 23 of Scottish season 15/16. A new record for days on lift assisted Scottish snow in one season. Tuesday was the last day of my holiday and the conditions were very pleasant for a days riding at Coe. 

Conditions were cooler and mist was skudding over the mountains with a milky sun occasionally learning through the haze. Visibility was decent though and only snow below Mugs Alley was starting to soften slightly. 

The Spring Run was in great nick and Thrombosis / Cliffy was steep with a couple of inches of fresh. After getting some inside information, I went over to Etive Glades and was treated with some fresh wind blown that had filled in the gaps and covered most of the lurking snow sharks.

Compared with last week, the hill is looking very white once again, with even more forecast. Later in the day snow flurries started to intensify. As I descended the access chair at the end of the day the snow rely started to bucket down. 

Fingers are crossed for this coming Saturday as Glencoe is hosting the freeride Coe Cup event. I’m hoping the weather stays clear as I’d love to photograph the event which usually takes place around the Flypaper and East Ridge of the mountain. Forecast is for fresh on Friday, but looking cloudy with some precipitation for Saturday. Whether it’s rain or snow could be the decider on the success of the event. That, or the fact that the Flypaper is still ready to Avalanche at any time!