Glencoe, April 19, 2008

Scattered cloud and a brisk wind but plenty of sun and excellent spring snow. Went all over the hill. Deirdre loved the idea of the Flypaper so I had to bite the bullet and show her. did it twice, but it was much easier than last time thanks to the excellent snow and a slightly different route down the right hand side. The canyon is still fun and mugs alley is holding up still with lots of little jumps. Even Thrombosis down the middle. As well as the up rail at Cliffhanger Chair we did the box in the main basin and Deirdre coaxed me into doing the C-box. Got 3quarters along then was thankful of my impact shorts.

Today was great, wind did not hamper things. Temperatures were just warm enough to soften the ice from night before into great soft stuff. Deirdre was excellent on the Flypaper, really confident and she really loves the run.

Hopefully a few more weeks of the season left, although it looks like the weather may start to take a turn for the worse in the coming week. Fingers crossed!