Glencoe Birthday Hike

Day 34 of Scottish season 15/16. A one run wonder after a hike from the carpark to the summit. 

For the second year in a row I thought I’d go for a birthday slide on the remaining snow at Meall a’ Bhùiridh. Niels and myself left Cardoss around 8:00am on a cool bright day. The weekend had been great despite a poor forecast, but Sunday continued with blue skies, sunshine and just the odd big cloud. 

There were quite a few mountain bikers on the hill, but a few keen skiers and boarders were up there too. It seems were not the only ones who enjoy the novelty of stretching our snow season beyond the period of mechanised uplift. 

The views from the top were as stunning as ever, even after a 2 hour hike. The snow in main basin was less sticky than last week and sliding was a pleasure. Silky smooth, the transition onto and down the top of The Wall was probably the nicest part. 

It was short and sweet and the hike to the top of the Access Chair was met with a warning we’d be asked for tickets at the bottom. I had a season ticket, but Niels didn’t and I couldn’t just go down on the chair on my own, so we continue down towards a sunny carpark. 

So with warmer temperatures, I think this really is it for my snow season. Looking forward to next season, especially since I treated myself to a new board. This season’s Lib Tech Phoenix, can’t wait to try it out! See you next season Glencoe.