Glencoe Bothy Idea: Circa 2005

Long before the new management developed the hobbit houses at Glencoe Mountain Resort, I had this passing notion to extend the existing building to add accommodation and entertainment facilities for skiers and snowboarders in winter as well as add a new revenue stream from walkers on the west highland way in summer. Looking at the files I found in my archives, this was around May 2005 when I did the original drawings. I called this my “Posh Bothy” idea.

Based on the existing building, I felt modular blocks could be added end on end. Where the cafe now is I envisaged a circular glass ceilidh venue and bar with central fireplace. Now how good would that be on Hogmanay?

This was also an early foray into 3D imaging software, Strata 3D as I recall. It was free and I thought what better way to realise my vision. It’s not like it would ever become a reality!

However with great vision and investment in the future, the management at Glencoe Mountain Resort have, realised my vision in their own way.
You can find out about the Glencoe micro lodges here.

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