Day 7 of season 14/15. Wasn’t planning to get any snowboarding done this weekend as the weather was closing in from the south west but after a request I found that Glenshee would offer something in the way of shelter. So after confirming Glencoe in the west would indeed be closed (via Twitter) it was decided to head for Glenshee. The journey is a bit longer, just over 2 hours from Glasgow and I must say far more tedious when driving alone. Once there it certainly looked white and the wind wasn’t too bad at all. I waited around the busy carpark and ticket office before heading up. I must add that despite the extra petrol used and the fact that I have a season pass for Glencoe, at least that got me a discount. The queues at the lifts at Glenshee are always pretty bad whenever I’ve visited, but no doubt this is due to overspill due to closure of the western hills. Didn’t help that some of the lifts weren’t running.
I got the drag lift up Càrn Aosda, which did stop for a while, then down Buchart’s Coire.
The snow was very firm with ice in places. Visibility was great though with sunny spells.
Another check down at ticket office then up Sunnyside for a few runs before grabbing something to eat. More queues!
I missed Glencoe, I love Glencoe and just wasn’t feeling it today in the east. Conditions were fine, better than expected, but I decided to quit at 2:00 and head home.
Maybe shouldn’t have bothered today. Not sure if it counts towards my season tally. At least I got home before dark. I’ll chalk it up to experience. Let’s hope the west doesn’t stay stormy for too long.