Remembering Dad

A mid-summer slide

The previous night I’d celebrated dad’s birthday with the family, our first without him. This meant I was a bit slow getting out of the door the following morning.

I arrived at Glencoe late just as the clouds cleared from the Main Basin.

Above Main Basin

After a chairlift ride and a 40 minute hike, I was at the top and met Andy and a bunch of skiers for the mid-summer slide.

There were 2 decent sized snow patches in Main Basin so after a few photos, we traversed the scree covered  mountain towards Spring Run. This provided some steep turns towards the bottom.

I think Stephen took this. Photo: Stephen Spiers

It was a day to catch-up with those who had missed out on the lost season due to the lockdowns. A time to reminisce and a time to reflect, thinking about dad and making the most of the good weather. I was thankful to be where I was. Happy to be healthy and to be up on the hills.

Gathering on Spring Run remains

I left the group after a chat and hiked down to the Rannoch Wall where snow caves were forming in the remnant patches. I walked to the lift along the relatively new road that runs under the new Rannoch Chairlift pylons that will hopefully be finished for the next winter season.

Snow patch hopping
Snow caves in the remaining patches of snow

It wasn’t a big day on the mountain, but it was a good day and I was looking forward to getting more of them next season when I hope we no longer have to deal with the restrictions we haveput up with for so long.