Celebrating World Photography day with NTS at Glencoe

Exploring the beauty of Glencoe by Land Rover

In August, the National Trust for Scotland reached out to me once again, inviting me to take part in a unique Land Rover Safari led by their head ranger. With World Photography Day approaching, they felt it would be the ideal time to celebrate the recently refurbished visitor centre in the heart of the Glencoe National Nature Reserve by inviting a bunch of Scottish Landscape Instagram photographers to capture the impressive landscape from spots that few people get to visit. 

Land Rover Safari
Ross, Scott, our guide and Connor

So, joining fellow photographers, Ross Dickie and Connor Mollison we were introduced to Glencoe’s ranger Scott McCombie, who has cared for the 14,000 acres of the nature reserve for the past 11 years. He told us all about the work that NTS does to conserve the mountain, moorland and woodland habitats that make it one of Scotland’s most stunning locations. 

Scottish mountains
Glen Etive Mountains

We set off in the Land Rover up the trails directly behind the Visitor Centre, this gave stunning views right up Glencoe itself as well as over the back towards some of the Glen Etive Mountains.

Looking up Glencoe beyond Loch Achtriochtan
On the trails behind the visitor centre

We also stopped at some of the more popular viewpoints to discuss just what impact there is on the landscape today, especially by the huge amount of visitors that pass through the Glen each year. Some of the challenges are tackled by studying ‘desire lines’ and trying to contain people to the footpaths which are also maintained by NTS. This is something that has brought me to work with NTS in the past, highlighting their Footpath Projects.

Many people don’t realise NTS is a charity and relies on donations and memberships to look after Scotland’s heritage for now and generations to come. 

Scott, our guide for the day

And if you too would like to experience on of the Land Rover Safari, be sure to ask at the visitor centre. Its great way to see the landscape if your have not hiked much before or wish to find out more about this stunning landscape.

NTS were keen to hear our feedback on the day, which you can read about here on their own blog.

You can read about the previous photography work I did for the visitor centre here.

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