Criminal Behaviour

A quiet day with barely a soul on the Mountain. Nothing was running and I made my way up the hill in the thinnest of wool layers. The sun was beating down on a total ice-cream covered hill. Rain or slough had earlier created runnels or folds in the snow which give the appearance of freshly poured icing on a cake.

The new path under the Rankin Chair makes life easier, though I prefer snow cover.

As a snowshoed up to the rescue hut I did meet another snowboarder. Catching his breath before he told me he thought there may be four of us on the Mountain today. I recognised him he had built the banked slalom several seasons before. I took off up the Ski Tow gully, but it wasn’t long before I was overtaken.

Checking out the views
Snowy mountain top
Views from the summit

After a rest at the top where I’ve been practising with my rescue probe, I took off down the Spring Run. It was quite firm, but steep with excellent cover and wind blown banks down the left side of the run. Riding is not as smooth when carrying Avalanche gear and snowshoes. But it was fun to get Spring Run under my belt on a hike.

The exit of Spring Run

I made my way back up main basin but I would compose myself once again at the summit before taking a route all the way through Mugs Ally the way down the Plateau Run.
I always find a hike down the track a bit of a pain in the toes. With no Access Lift, this time would be no different.

Cheesy grins at the top
Looking towards Loch Tulla
Sun till the end