Lockdown Lift

Early start from Cardross. Started hiking at 9:30 am. Most snow gone below 650 m altitude. Got to Mugs Ally corner before needing snowshoes. I made it quickly to the rescue hut where the summit tow was running.

Looking down and empty, yet FULL Main Basin

Quite a few of the Coe Crew were around, so spent most of the afternoon on main basin and the wall. Later Katie and Ailsa invited me to join them on Eastridge and the flypaper via Baillie’s Gully.

Very steep but snow was firm. Steep drop until Crossed back onto Mugs Alley and down to the wall T-bar.

Summit lift at Glencoe

I didn’t take many photos today as I was having the fullest day of snowboarding since the start of the pandemic.
It was a very full day until about 3 pm when I headed down to the luxury of the access lift via the Plateau which still had a covering of snow.

Looking North
The vast expanse of Rannoch Moor below