Day 24: 2017/18

Glencoe Mountain Resort

Monday was a case of quiet slopes, blistering sunshine, warmer temperatures and full area coverage. This is going to be a difficult write-up. Is there anything more boring to talk about than picture perfect conditions?

fist bumps at the summit
Its going to be a great day

Conditions on the hill

I met Stuart and Katherine this morning and we were the first up the chairlift. There was not a breath of wind and the hill was glistening white from bottom to top.

While firm, it was well pisted as it had been the day before, but it was warmer, probably just below zero.

Stu and Kath had not been on the slopes for a while, so we took in a few laps of Mugs Alley. Jumping on the chair gives you a wee rest between runs, so it’s also good if your legs are ever feeling tired. It was well groomed and one we had completed 2 or 3 we continued on to the Wall T-bar and up to the summit.

grooming the wall
Grooming the Wall
Cliffhanger chairlift
Cliffy rides

Happy Valley provided spectacular views across Glen Etive. Cobalt blue skies blazed above Sron na Creise and the Buachaille. It wasn’t long before I had to get rid of some layers. I guess the down jacket and fleece I was wearing under my jacket were overkill today. I dumped them at the rescue hut before jumping on the next lift. At the top we stopped to take in the amazing views South and grab some photos.

Back on the slopes, the going is definitely firm, and off the pisted line there are some glacial lumps of ice. These are easily avoided though and all the main runs have been groomed.

On the Wall, the groomed line today ran alongside the up-lift and along the foot of the Wall itself.

I didn’t try Spring Run today and Flypaper remains closed. I’m sure it wouldn’t be much fun while frozen anyway.

Rannoch Moor
Rannoch Moor from Happy Valley
ranch glades
Rannoch Glades
summit tows
Summit Tows

Remains of the Day

We were hoping that things would soften up more than they did while we stopped for food, but the cool temperatures meant only the lower slopes seemed to soften.

But the slopes are in fine shape for days to come.

You should really get up during the week if you can. Lift tickets are cheaper and the lines pretty much non-existent. If you get up on Tuesday, you might want to bring some sunscreen too!

The Plateau Chateau
little fluffy clouds
Little fluffy clouds
aurora borealis
Aurora hidden by cloud in the early hours

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