main basin glencoe
Saturday’s Main Basin

Day 30 of Scottish season 15/16. Today didn’t turn out to be a memorable experience I was hoping for on this milestone of a day. I finally reached the 30th day of my season only to be greeted with boiler plate ice and ruts that would shudder the fillings out of your teeth. Colder temperatures had descended and refroze what had been wet spring snow from the day before. My first run involved a fall almost immediately. There was no wher free from the icy grip, so after a couple of laborious runs on Main Basin, I decided to take and extended lunch at the Plateau Cafe and wait for the snow to soften. The sun was never strong and failed to make much of an impression on the snowpack. By about 1:00 in the afternoon things were a touch softer. Mugs Alley is really on the way out and only used to connect access with the Wall t-bar.

I didn’t even consider Spring Run as I heard nothing but disparaging remarks about its less than perfect form.

There is still fantastic coverage on the upper mountain and I’m hoping tomorrow offers up some more enjoyable sliding.

As I made my way down the mountain I ended as is started with a silly fall in the now slushy Mugs Alley, pulling a groin muscle in the process. I did try making my way back down the beginners run, but this is broken and I found myself splattered in mud by the time I’d reached the end of the snow.

Anyway that’s day 30 done. Hoping for a few more.

blackwater reservoir
Blackwater reservoir beyond the snow showers