summit and main basin
The summit of Meall a’ Bhùiridh

Day 31 of Scottish season 15/16. I decided to take it easy in the morning and let the snow soften. I was at Glencoe by 10:30, had breakfast then made my way up via the Access Chair, Plateau Poma and then the Wall t-bar. Coverage is wide and the snow is definitely softer as the sun was out. I gave Spring Run a go but it was pretty mogulled and not much fun.

Main Basin and Happy Valley were both in good nick. Main Basin had a flat line through it where you could turn up the speed. The sides down the edges of the top T-bar offered some great jumps, including over the fence.

It was pretty warm and not busy in the slightest. Sometimes this tires you out more quickly as you are straight on the lift when you get to the bottom.

I spent a wee while staring across at the Black Mount and Clach Leathad and taking more photos. I don’t seem to get bored with this view as it seems different each time.

clach leathad
Over the back with views of Clach Leathad