Glencoe Lockdown Escape

By early March I was going stir crazy. On furlough, I was spending more time down with my mum in Cardross. Walking the stretch of shoreline to Ardmore Point most days.

Top part of Glencoe Mountain Resort

On this occasion I brought my snowboard gear, my snowshoes and winter hiking equipment. Staying in Argyll & Bute I decided to make a break for it up to Glencoe and make the most of the snow on the mountain.

The hike up the mountain was in blustery conditions. Once in the deeper snow I found wet slab conditions. The pack was well consolidated and firm. My poles didn’t penetrate all the way in.

I did notice a crown wall from a slide on East Bridge. Possibly from an avalanche much earlier in season.

Snowshoes for the hike up

Travel restrictions were still being enforced between regions, but I was surprised to see Police cars halfway up the mountain! Turns out Police Mountain rescue were on the hill doing training.

I did two hikes of main basin in snowshoes with good turns to be had on that run. My snowshoes made short work of Ski Tow Gully on the route up.

ski tow gulley
the summit at Glencoe Mountain Resort

By the end of my day the weather turned extra foul around 2 pm. The wind picked up and it tried to snow a bit more.

By the time I got back to the car the weather had deteriorated and the snow turned to rain.

I’ll be back though, the juice was definitely worth the squeeze.

rain on the car mirror