Last Day at Coe: Day 12

Going, Going…

I woke up in the back of the car with the access chair running above. It was a cloudier day today. But it was high cloud and shouldn’t affect visibility. I was determined to make the most of today as we didn’t know how much longer the ski areas would be open. Having spoken with a few Coe regulars the day before, everyone had there theories on how much time we’d have. 

So, I boiled up some coffee, had a breakfast bar and got into my gear. I was on the Access lift just before 9am.

lift to the summit
Main Basin T-bar

Conditions on the hill

With the cloud cover, the snow on the way up seemed a bit firmer. I shot across to the Cliffhanger Chairlift as the Wall T-bar wasn’t running.

skier and snowboarder
Dropping into Main Basin

No queue to speak of, so I was straight up to the summit on the Main Basin T-bar. Main Basin itself was fast and smooth and to be honest, I didn’t stray far from it for most of the day. Combined with the best snow and the fact the Lower T-bar stayed off most of the day it was the best option. I’d save Spring Run for the end of the day.

Glencoe Cafe
Pit Stop at the Cafe

I broke the day up with a visit to the mountain Cafe. They were practicing social distancing so they had removed tables and were asking people to take away. So I grabbed a pie for lunch and back up the Cliffy.

Looking up from the cafe at Glencoe Mountain Resort
Cliffy Chairlift

The day was a bit quieter than previous, which was a surprise as it was Saturday. It wasn’t until afterwards when I retrospectively checked the ski report for the day, that I noted, Glencoe themselves had announced they would be limiting ticket sales and that you shouldn’t set out on your journey if you haven’t already.


The chat in the lift lines varied, but it wasn’t long before I got pretty solid info that it looked like this would indeed be the last day. 

It was also ironic that the guys had managed to get the stricken Wall T-bar running again. It did spark a moment of hope, thinking maybe they would open tomorrow.

the Wall T-bar
Working on the Wall T-bar

I decided to make the most of the rest of the afternoon. Savouring every turn. It was a bit strange that I was staying in Main Basin despite the full cover on the hill. I just wanted to enjoy the best quality snow as long as I could.

Ben Nevis Backdrop
Ben Nevis Backdrop

When it was time for last lift, the hill was quieter, many had made their way down.

At the summit, I walked along the ridge, stopping to take in the sight from over the back, one last time. I spoke with Paul again, his suggestion today was to take the Weasel track down. “You won’t regret it” he told me.

Views over the back to the Sound of Mull

I trekked across to Spring Run where a few ski patrol were taking selfies and saying their own goodbyes. The run itself was OK, firm and fast. I cut across into the Flypaper before crossing onto the Plateau. 

Ski Patrollers
Ski Patrol on their final run

Its always a bit tricky finding the Weasel track, but I followed a few others and sure enough we managed a few nice mellow turns in softer snow.

This final run of the day takes you out wide and onto the road with amazing views of Buachaille Etive Mòr.

Final run
End of the day after doing the Weasel run

So that was it. I walked down the road with fellow snowboarders, chatting about that last run, and telling stories of the Coe and the season.

I checked the website when I got down. Glencoe had indeed called an end to the season due to the Corona Virus.

As I drove away, I stopped at the office to say thanks for all they had done this season. Turning onto the road I looked back up at the mountain. It was in full cover. As much snow as you could ever want.

Fingers crossed for next season, stay safe everyone.

Main Basin Glencoe Mountain Resort
Glencoe Main Basin