Let it Storm

An anxiety driven decision to drive to Glencoe at 11pm on Thursday night was brought about by the ever worsening weather forecast. Much needed snow was on its way, but earlier than I had initially thought. I had to get to Coe before the snow.

A Saturday at Coe was planned with the idea of driving up on Friday, but I had already taken the day off work to snowboard, and the early morning would be the peak of the snowfall. So I arrived at 1am, stuck a movie on my iPad and drifted off to sleep in the car.

I woke to a good 10 centimetres of snow on top of the car. The wind made itself known on the way up the mountain. Unusually it was at my back, despite this, all main lifts were running, including the Cliffy.
There was plenty of wind drifted snow, especially along the fence lines which also double as a visual reference in the flat light of the blizzard. Mugs Alley is almost there. It could do with a few spots filing in a bit more.

Deep deep

Up in Main Basin, it was complete sensory deprivation. I stepped off the top t-bar only for my free foot to sink knee deep in fresh powder. I cautiously turned down near the t-bar up track then crossed over into Ski Tow Gully. Always a good bet in low viz. the lower stretch was a trench of wind packed powder which soon tiered out the legs after several laps. The visibility even improved a touch.
The hill had a good number of visitors which was particularly surprising given the treacherous driving conditions.

Skiers in the mist
Skiers in the mist

The snow continued to fall through the day, and its hoped we get more falling and drifting through the night as Saturday looks to be a better day with lighter winds, and who knows, maybe even a glimmer of sun.

Gloved hand covered in snow