Nevis Range 18 April 2009

A gorgeous sunny day. Just managed to get up there for half day. Only the top was available but so were the back corries. It’s been a while since I last visited Nevis and I’ve never been over the back. So after a few warm up runs at the top I headed across to the entrance at ‘Back Track’. I’d previously spotted a large crack in the snow pack in the next corrie and since temperatures were getting higher I was nervous. I was on my own and there was no sign of anyone else over the back. After 15 minutes of deliberating I strapped on my board and went to the edge of the cornice. Then I chickened out. Visions of picking up too much speed and impacting the rock band was at the forefront of my mind. A long hike back to the summit ensued. Another time perhaps.

Snow was scalloped when not ridden and slushy on-piste but a great afternoon’s riding. I suspect this was my last day this season.

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From Nevis Range 18 April 2009