One day to Coe

It was the day before The Mighty Coe Festival and the opening of the much anticipated, recently rebuilt cafe at Glencoe Mountain Resort.

I slept in the car the night before so I could make the most of the day. It was sunny and the snow was wet, but the whole upper mountain was open. So I started the day off with a run down Spring Run.

Looking east from the top of a mountain
The summit path leading to Spring Run and East Ridge lines
The Rescue Hut, all upper runs are open

The top runs were all doing pretty good and I returned to Rannoch Glades where I had fun the day before. Once you pick your way through the rock garden, this run opens up and drops onto a steeper aspect as you drop into Thrombosis. From here you can chose between a ride up the Cliffhanger chair or continue on to the Wall t-bar.

Scottish Mountains
Looking towards the Buachaille after Rannoch Glades
Ski lift
drying socks

Sock sacrifices must be made if you want to ride spring slush all day in the sun. While the slush is fun and great for snowboarding, even the best boots seem to let water in. Luckily I’d packed spare socks, but this did mean hanging them out to dry from the back of the car.

working on a laptop
Working from the car park, pushing out the social media for The Mighty Coe Festival

This was around day 17 of the season for me, and I was going to get a good chance of snowboarding done over the next few days. All week I’d been running the Mighty Coe Festival’s social media, building it up to the weekend. So I spent my evenings putting together posts for the following day and creating short animated clips for the stories and posts. It was good to see the followers and engagement going up from the start of the week. As well as the visiting brands on the hill, we’d have movies to watch in the new cafe. The buzz online was building.