The Countdown begins

The week started off when I was approached by The Mighty Coe Festival organisers to help out with their social media for the event. It would take place over the weekend 26-27th March, but I had some time off work and thought I’d make an early start and head up for the Thursday afternoon.

The weather was good and the upper mountain had a decent amount of spring snow. Both Rannoch Glade and Thrombosis provided a nice little afternoon session in the slush.

I’d be staying up for the duration so had my supplies packed in the car in preparation for the big weekend ahead, this would also coincide with the opening of the new Cafe at Glencoe Mountain. This deserved a celebration on itself!

Arriving at the Plateau
Ascending a chairlift in Scotland
Riding the Glencoe Access Lift
Riding the top t-bar
Main Basin looking good
Looking down on the Plateau from Rannoch Glades