Head in the Clouds

The day looked promising and the hill had good cover.

The snow was firm however and the summit had a stubborn cloud hanging around that meant early on you had to use your senses.

Cloudy up top

Just before the lower part of Main Basin visibility improved.

This meant there were great lines down the Wall where the snow became spring-like. 

Spring Run remained stubbornly firm so I went back to the other side of the mountain. The Cliffhanger wasn’t running today so it was up the Wall and the Summit T-bar.

Cloud free Cafe visit

Queues got a bit lengthy at the peak of the day as there was a good number of skiers and snowboarders on the hill making the most of the end of Half-Term. This lessened towards the end of the day which coincided with the mist lifting from the mountain. 

Cloud free at the summit