Sunny Saturday

I had driven up on Friday evening, I had hoped to get up for an afternoon, but it wasn’t to be. I was ready to get up the hill pre 9 on Saturday morning though. I was in the first bunch of folk up the access lift and keen to get up top. I was planning on leaving early to get back up to Glasgow for a function.

Clear to the top

The sky was blue and the going was firm. It was a bit blowy and I assume thats why the Cliffy wasn’t running yet. So once up the Wall and the Summit tows, Main Basin lay before us, groomed down the middle. This allowed for a smoother alternative to the remainder of the hill, which was icy, and could shake your fillings out every turn.

Lower down, below the Wall, it softened up a touch. But to be honest since the Spring Run and Flypaper were iced up, I was perfectly happy Lapping Main Basin with the odd run down Mugs Alley.

It was great seeing a lot of old and new faces, with plenty of chat on the T-bars, one of the best parts of being a regular at Glencoe in my opinion.

Main Basin

Without stopping for lunch, I rode through to around 2:30. A fine day indeed, with sun lasting all day and the snow was so cold that at least it wasn’t disappearing.

Looking at the latest chairlift, opening soon we hope
Misty mountain hop