Made it to May

Lockdown Mission No. 11

A few days of cold weather with fresh snowfall allowed me to score some of the best turns I had all season, (yes I am counting this as a snowboard season now).

I had to leave Cardross late, around 11.30am, but I was up at Coe for the early afternoon. I made use of the Access Chair that was running. I knew the sun was on its way to make an appearance, but as I hiked across the Plateau the cloud brought snow showers with it.

My first hike to the summit saw a heavy fall of snow come in. I changed out my sweaty top for a fresh dry layer. The visibility improved as I dropped in to Main Basin. There was a ton of fresh snow, so I enjoyed the best turns of the season so far.

I cut into Ski Tow Gulley as soon as possible so I could make my way to the top once again. The sun started to poke out from the clouds as I walked the summit ridge to Spring Run in my snow shoes. Once I transitioned to my board, I took the left side of the run, where wind deposited snow had collected. It was very deep, a bit grippy and great fun to turn in.

Main Basin brightened up.

I cut across further to the left traversing towards the Rescue Hut at the bottom of Ski Tow Gulley for my third trip to the top.

Weather improved for more Main Basin turns.

I selected main basin for the third run down, this time it was in sunshine. I cut left at the bottom to join the lower section of Happy Valley, curving to the right to the top of the Wall. The snow got a bit sticky where the sun had baked it, but the top of the Wall is steep enough to maintain momentum. I rung out as much of this slope as I could before it ran out. I think I was last off the hill as I got the lift down.

Looking back as I leave the hill.