Sunny Sunday

If I’m honest, Sunday was pretty much a repeat of the day before, although it nearly didn’t happen for me. 

Top of the access chair

I hadn’t planned to come up on Sunday as I had expected to have a big night beforehand. I awoke on Sunday much more bright eyed than expected and after some procrastinating while the sun streamed in the windows, I threw my gear in the car and left Glasgow around 10am in time to get to Glencoe for an afternoon.

Summit tow

I had hoped the ice would have softened up, but it remained stubbornly solid, except for heavily trafficked areas that had gathered accumulations of granular snow in piles, dare I say porto-moguls.

Whenever I asked if anyone had ventured to the Springy, it tended to be answered with a grunt and the resignation of staying this side of the mountain. Never mind, it’ll be great once it does finally soften up.

Despite only making it up for an afternoon, it made up for being unable to make it on Friday and it was still great fun.

Buachaille in the background
Stop Coire Easain