Logo Development with Affinity Designer

As a jobbing graphic designer, I’ve been using Adobe’s Illustrator for well over 20 years to create vector graphics, logos and the like. While I still use an old version in my day job, using it at home has become untenable. I can stretch to £8 a month for the Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop subscription, […]

Peter Saville Uncut Interview

Fascinating interview, if a bit long winded with the man who influenced me most creatively in my early years. What’s really terrifying is knowing he sleeps in the studio he rents and shares the same fears and anxieties of the future, despite being a design/cultural icon for a generation, whether they know it or not […]

Blue Eggs & Tea

  Hello everybody. I’d just like to share with you a beautiful little piece of art I purchased, it just arrived in my post. More importantly I’d like to share with you the ridiculously talented artist, illustrator, writer, explorer & inspirational woman behind the artwork, Ruth or @blueeggsandtea. Her Instagram gallery is a stream of […]