Why lie about wintery weather?

Fake winter news

We all see the headlines, permeating fear amongst the populous, while we as snow lovers feel a pang of excitement only to realise its the usual batch of scaremongering and fake weather news that the tabloids seem to thrive on.

Is it all about selling papers or filling column inches? Whatever the reason why does it persist year on year and never come true? When it does it is just a coincidence. If they peddle this pulp every season it’s bound to hit the mark eventually.

Using news aggregators like Apple’s News app or Flipboard, it’s easy to see the archive of stories that missed the mark completely, and it seems this year is no different, with not a single scare story coming true.

Ive grabbed a few screenshots illustrating the extent of the phenomenon. Is it just British press that do this? Preying on our obsession with the weather? Or is this sensationalist weather reporting prevalent across the globe?

It’s fair to say anyone with a genuine interest in winter weather knows to take these with a pinch of salt, but how often have you rolled your eyes when someone regurgitates one of these stories to you?

Most of you will already know of these, but my preferred sourced for weather forecasts are listed below.

Weather Pro App


Mountain Weather Information Service

Winter Highland

Any thoughts on this?

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