Challenge Arrochar – 3 Peaks

It’s been a while since I posted my last blog. Now that the snow board season has finished things have been quieter. However the chance to get back on the hills came along with the Beatson charity hike. Around 15 of us friends and colleagues took part in Challenge Arrochar starting with Ben Narnain. The work starts with a zig-zagging track up through the forest. It was a muggy day with little wind and as we cleared the trees we could hear a cuckoo calling, it even give us a flyby. We traversed the hill side to the bottom of a steeper climb. Scrambling up through rocky crevices before reaching the much steeper chimney like scramble of the spearhead. The butress  of rock appeared quite intimidating especially to the first time hill climbers and when we cleared the rock at the top a few said it was “the hardest thing they had ever done”. I reminded them that we had 2 more hills to climb after this one.  

We made our way off the summit and down the slopes of Ben Narnain. At this point we had to check the compass as directions were not clearly marked. However Ben Ime, our next destination was fairly obvious. We reach the col between the hills before setting up the rather mundane boring hillside. Ben Ime, being the highest of the three mountains was simple but quite draining, it was a long slog of a hike, stopping at a patch of snow to cool the back of my neck. We were getting tired and definitely hungry by the time we reached the summit. A rest and a restorative lunch soon so I was fighting fit again. We set off back down the slopes we came up, aiming know for the Cobbler. Very light rain started but nothing more than drizzle. Rocky steps lead us up the side of the final Mountain. The drizzle intensifies as we near the top, and visibility is reduced but we make it with muted celebration.

We share a dram with one of the marshals who has been setting out all day at the top of the hill. Three hills completed, but the trek is far from over. Our route was altered slightly due to poor visibility so we made our way back down the steps and to the valley that leads back down to the loch side at Succoth. It was a long 4k journey, very wet by now with the odd swig of whisky sustaining us.

In around eight hours we finished with over 6,000 feet of ascent, sore feet and legs, but a real sense of pride in what we had done. In the end we managed to raise over £2000 for Beatson Cancer Charity.

Although a huge challenge it’s just reminder of the very real challenges faced by those with cancer. We’re so happy to have helped a worthy cause such as  Beatson Cancer Charity.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who supported us.